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Ruben Sanchez better known as Zoonchez was born and raised in Madrid (1979), adopted by Barcelona and Dubai in the past years and currently living in Badalona, Spain.

Self-taught artist coming from the 90’s subcultures of graffiti and skateboarding.

Graphic design and illustration will later create a background that can be found in his works today: a strong graphic style that resonates through all of his projects.

Canvases, murals, ceramics, large public sculptures, or even underwater installations. His works are limitless in possibilities and locations and they can be found all around the globe as a part of art festivals, commissions, humanitarian projects or international exhibitions but mostly as any kind of ‘uncommissioned’ works.

Vibrant color palettes, asymmetry and lack of perfect proportions are the ingredients of a game where you are challenged to depict Ruben’s messages and concerns throughout characters and elements in fragile balance but with strong interactions. A personal style where visual balance, chain reactions and connectivity flirts with cubism and abstraction.


“If you go around where I live, I think that your mind will connect the dots so you can understand my works”

“When I moved to Barcelona in 2001 the skateboard movement was going on here. Simply everyone was moving to Barcelona to skate so I just followed that stream.”

“I don’t consider myself as a graffiti artist. I think if you stop doing graffiti you’re not a graffiti artist anymore.”

“I think in many, many ways skateboarding gives you a lot of creativity… when you can take something out of nothing. Once you have the spot you’re like: “okay, what tricks can I do here?”. It’s all about creativity. That’s why I don’t want to get stuck with canvas only. I want make sculptures, I want to play with resins… I need to experiment all the time.”


by Ruben Sanchez
750$ USD

"Since I was young I have been interested in weird still life paintings. I always liked to imagine the story behind those compositions. Apart from being studies of light and color still lifes can be very interesting, like those that particularly caught my attention and are very present in my recent work: Vanitas, a genre mainly developed in the Baroque that mostly highlight the transience of life, the firmness of death and how we deal with what’s in between.

The visual tension of these compositions intrigued me: the skulls, the jewels, the rotten fruits, the lobsters hanging, the fragile balance of the candles and hourglasses reminding us our limited time in life… 

I like the challenge and contrast of turning the hidden symbology of these dark elements into a colourful modern composition while keeping that visual tension somehow. It's attractive the idea of ​​extrapolating this concept to our days, but from a positive perspective in order to act or think in conscience: being aware of our limited time in life, the ephemerality and banality of material pleasures, the vanity that surrounds our society."

Material Polyamide (PA, Nylon) - hand finished and painted
Dimensions 24cm H × 15cm W × 10cm D
(9.4" H × 5.9" W × 3.9" D)
Numbered Certificate Yes
Quantity limit 150 (All colors)
Year 2021
Fabrication + shipping 5-6 weeks
Who are we?
Who are we?
We’re Sculpturest. We design and create limited series of sculptures in collaboration with established and emerging artists. We aim to be a place where the best contemporary art meets today’s urban culture and lifestyle, creating something extraordinary, because we believe that no space or lifestyle is complete without art to enjoy and desire.