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Cyril Lancelin (born in 1975, Lyon, France) is a french artist.
Cyril Lancelin develops a hybrid work made up of sculptures, immersive installations, drawings, virtual experiences and videos that forge links between the physical and the fictional.
It is from a plastic vocabulary based on primitive geometry that he links architecture and the human body, the everyday and the functional, the perennial and the ephemeral, science and nature.
He began his career working for architects and artists in Paris and Los Angeles, using 3D modeling techniques and virtual images that he developed in the 1990s.
He is using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in his exploration of the tridimensionnal matter research.
His practice is shaped by immersion and movement, by the porosity of limits, by innovation, by a search for a world that is half data, half real.
The notions of repetition and parametric generation are recurring themes in his work. It anticipates our passage into a world of multiplied and shared data.
The artist sets up a connected territory through a conceptual dialogue between his practices and the experience of the public.
Digital or real, his works offer an essentially optimistic vision, drawing an artificial and experiential landscape.
He lives and works in Lyon.

Cyril Lancelin born in Lyon, France, where he lives and works to these days.
After 15 years working for some of the most influential architects and artists in Paris and Los Angeles, Cyril Lancelin decided to start his own creative studio.
His large-scale installation – the Knot presented in Hangzhou, China invited the audience to explore the labyrinth made of numerous nodes and experience the art and space in one’s own way.
„Arches Gold” installation for the London Design Festival was a maze created out of a repetitive golden arch, which developed spatial conditions conducive to movement.
In his solo show at the Gallery MR80 in Paris his immersive sculptures absorbed the visitors into a world made of spheres.

„The fact that I’m an architect helps a lot in my work. It helps to define the right scale for an artwork and it is crucial.”

„People may see the same artwork several times, but then there’s this one day when it gets them more than before and the fact, that it is in a public space, available for all, is very interesting. Also, the light changes during the day and hence – so does the artwork. I find art in public space much more alive.”

„Being in this 3D universe allows me to put all the rules on a side, for example if I make a pyramid with spheres, I can easily transform it into a cube and still keep the perfect spherical shape.”

Zen Flamingo
Zen Flamingo

by Cyril Lancelin
2.000$ USD
In collaboration with a French artist, Cyril Lancelin, aris an ideal cylindrical form. Resting flamingo. As an architect, Cyril likes spatial objects, which empiricist can enter and interact with. Usually, the audience can walk into his installations and be surrounded by them, thanks to the scale of his art. This time, for the downsized Sculpturest project, he focuses on the visual and haptic sides.
„I like a lot working on the form of sculptures, touching, rethinking the object. For example, the curve of flamingo is something very important for this piece.”

ZEN FLAMINGO got the curve which makes this piece one of a kind. Thanks to his symmetric and proportional look it fits in both - messy and classy interiors. The color and infinite softness to the touch electrifies and mesmerizes the senses.

Material 3D Printed Polimer
Dimensions 19cm H × 25cm W × 20cm D
(7.5" H × 9.8" W × 7.9" D)
Numbered Certificate Yes
Quantity limit 150
Year 2021
Fabrication + shipping 5-6 weeks
Who are we?
Who are we?
We’re Sculpturest. We design and create limited series of sculptures in collaboration with established and emerging artists. We aim to be a place where the best contemporary art meets today’s urban culture and lifestyle, creating something extraordinary, because we believe that no space or lifestyle is complete without art to enjoy and desire.