Sergio Odeith

Sergio Odeith

Sérgio ‘Odeith’ was born in 1976 in Damaia (Portugal). It was in the mid-1980s when he used a spray can for the first time. He painted some signatures and doodles on his neighborhood walls. But only in the mid-1990s, Sérgio had his first contact with graffiti, while some graffiti writers painted outside their neighborhood (Carcavelos), where graffiti had a strong movement. His first experiments were to paint illegally on the street walls and mostly on the railway lines of the Sintra line. The passion he has always shown for drawing has found a new purpose. The evolution was impressive due to the dedication to painting large-scale murals in Damaia, Carcavelos, and in many poor neighborhoods of Amadora city.

Sérgio dropped out of school at the age of 15. Without any school graduation or art lessons, he never gave up, all his knowledge about art was entirely self-taught. After several years painting street murals with the name “Eith”, it was in 2003 that he created the name “Odeith”. In 2005, he began his path to international recognition as a result of his innovative pieces using the anamorphosis technique. Most of Odeith compositions painted in 90º corners or flat walls truly create a 3D optical illusion effect.

A dark style of anamorphosis, which he later called “Somber 3D”. Authentic compositions of huge insects or objects, painted in abandoned spaces became viral and stood out for their realism and technique.

Later, in 2008, he closed his tattoo shop (opened in 1999) and moved to London. Currently in Lisbon, Odeith focuses exclusively on studio work and walls.


  • Alameda shopping Porto “Portugal”
  • Heathrow Airport “London, UK”
  • AQUA Aquarium “Silkeborg Denmark”
  • Solo exhibition ESCALA 10:1 “Portugal”
  • Conversas na rua “Portugal”
  • Darwin streetart Festival “Australia”
  • Village Du Soir “Switzerland”
  • NOS Alive Festival “Portugal”
  • Municipio de Mortagua “Portugal”
  • Epidemic Sound “Sweden”
  • Anmon Resort “Indonesia”
  • Paribas Aniversary “Portugal”
  • Durex promotion sketch
  • NEW BABYLON “The Hague, Netherlands”
  • Fornos de Algodres council “Portugal”
  • Corona Festival “Mexico”
  • Upfest “England”
  • Sport Lisboa e Benfica “stagium centre”
  • Fire is Gold “Belgium”
  • Sneakers Fever “Mexico”
  • Yardworks “Scotland”
  • Vista Alegre crockery “Portugal”
  • I love Crete “Greece”
  • Aruba art fair “Aruba”
  • Joe B Hall tribute “USA Kentucky”
  • Add more colours “Sweden”
  • Sport Lisboa e Benfica, stagium centre
  • Loopfest “Italy”
  • Tipper & Friends “USA, Jacksonville”
  • Wall to Wall “Australia, Benalla”
  • Dubai canvas “Dubai”
  • Charleston museum “USA, Charleston”
  • History channel “Portugal”
  • Conversas na rua “Portugal”
  • Magic city “Germany”
  • 4 Elements Festival “England”
  • Street art “Canada”
  • Upfest “England”
  • Beastie boys tribute”USA, Charleston”
  • Walking dead Tribute “USA, Kentucky”
  • Sport Lisboa e Benfica, stagium centre
  • Step on the Arena ” Holland”
  • Street art Lab “Moscow”
  • Comic Con “Dubai”
  • Boxpark “Dubai”
  • MOVE Ribeira Grande”Azores”
  • Dubai canvas “Dubai”
  • Microsoft “Portugal”
  • Children’s museum “USA, Charleston”
  • Shop “USA, mount pleasant”
  • Louis Armstrong Tribute”USA, Lexington”
  • Cristiano Ronaldo portable museum “Portugal”
  • Conversas na Rua” Portugal”
  • 1st place Oeiras graffiti contest

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