Frequently asked questions

Sculpturest collaborates with the best contemporary artists, both established and emerging, to create limited series of artworks. Available exclusively through our website.

Sorry, can’t tell, it’s a surprise. If you don’t want to miss it, follow us on Instagram or sing up for our newsletter.

We work with established and emerging artists we admire. Simple as that.

The number of artworks for each edition is predetermined from the beginning, and we aim to keep it small to preserve the value. It depends on the artists’ preferences and the variety of versions. Each drop tells a different story and we like to think it has the beginning and the end. Once it’s over, there’ll never be a second ending or the new beginning.

One user can buy up to 1 pieces from each drop.

We accept PayPal only. All transactions are handled over a secure connection.

Depends on your country, the shipment may be a subject of a random customs clearance and customs duty.

The delivery does not require any additional fees. Delivery costs are included in the price of the sculptures.

We have described this process in detail in the privacy policy document, come on and read.

Each piece is certified with the NFC (Near Field Communication) tag delivered by Arteïa – a company using the cutting-edge technology to provide solutions for the art market. This way you can be sure that your sculpture will always remain the unique part of the collection. If it’s a #5 out of a hundred, it will never become #5 out of a thousand.

No, but having an account will make every next purchase a lot easier.

If you got doubts to the piece of art you had bought, write to us on [email protected], we can talk. But if you really don’t like it fulfill the form available in Documents > Regulations and get to know there about return process.

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