Zen Flamingo

byCyril Lancelin


In collaboration with a French artist, Cyril Lancelin, aris an ideal cylindrical form. Resting flamingo. As an architect, Cyril likes spatial objects, which empiricist can enter and interact with. Usually, the audience can walk into his installations and be surrounded by them, thanks to the scale of his art. This time, for the downsized Sculpturest project, he focuses on the visual and haptic sides.
„I like a lot working on the form of sculptures, touching, rethinking the object. For example, the curve of flamingo is something very important for this piece.”ZEN FLAMINGO got the curve which makes this piece one of a kind. Thanks to his symmetric and proportional look it fits in both – messy and classy interiors. The color and infinite softness to the touch electrifies and mesmerizes the senses.

Dimensions: 20 × 25 × 19 cm (7.9″ × 9.8″ × 7.5″)
Weight: 2.5 kg

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Cyril Lancelin

Cyril Lancelin (born in 1975, Lyon, France) is a french artist. Cyril Lancelin develops a hybrid work made up of sculptures, immersive installations, drawings, virtual experiences and videos that forge links between the physical and the fictional. It is from a plastic vocabulary based on primitive geometry that he links architecture and the human body, the everyday and the functional, the perennial and the ephemeral, science and nature. He began his career working for architects and artists in Paris and Los Angeles, using 3D modeling techniques and virtual images that he developed in the 1990s. He is using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in his exploration of the tridimensionnal matter research.
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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 25 × 19 cm